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The Land That Time Forgot... Lime Valley Mill Farm



Lime Valley Farm is the real thing. It’s the way that life ought to be -- close to the land, farm animals and clean crops without pesticides.

his working farm in Lancaster County, Pa. is for sale and is one of Pennsylvania’s most treasured, historical landmarks having 118 acres of prime farmland property. Since the construction of first Mill in 1734, this Amish Country gem has remained an icon in the Willow Street, Pa. area.

This working farm property for sale offers an elegant Victorian Mill house on a hill overlooking the mill, built in 1889, a stone farm house from circa 1833 or earlier, a circa 1846 4- story working mill that is partially restored for local crop cleaning, cracking and grinding corn, multiple barns and various outbuildings, a large flock of Cheviot Sheep which provide wool and delicious lamb, White-Faced Red Herefords featured at farm shows, chickens and pigs as well as a robust seasonal produce business.  All our animals are fed with natural, chemical-free, home-grown crops, ground in our mill.

Lime Valley Mill Farm’s 118 acres is perfect to grow biofuels to develop sustainable sources of alternative energy. There are barns, big sheds and the mill itself to process biomass from corn, alfalfa, grasses, soybeans and more. Biofuels are usually produced from living plants, fungus and algae. Biofuels contain 80% renewable materials. Since the living, organic, produces are originally derived from the photosynthesis process, biofuels are often referred to as sourced from solar energy.

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914 Lime Valley Road
Willow Street, PA 17584




Lime Valley Mill Inc  
914 Lime Valley Road
Willow Street, Lancaster Pennsylvania 17584

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